More Generous Sorcery

In this variation of the standard rules, characters who learn sorcerous initiation charms automatically learn a selection of spells to use with them. Additionally, the cost of learning new spells is significantly reduced for less powerful magic. The same rules apply to learning Necromancy and Protocols.

  • Terrestrial, Underworld, Man-Machine (Countermagic + 3 Others, 4xp Per Spell)
  • Celestial, Labyrinth, God-Machine (Countermagic + 2 Others, 6xp Per Spell)
  • Solar, Void (Countermagic + 1 Other, 8xp Per Spell)

Design Impact

This rule makes the sorcerous initiation charms more than just a one-time tax on learning sorcery, and insures that every sorcerer has at least a couple of interesting options to play with. It also insures that every sorcerer can perform the basic competencies (in the form of Counter Magic) right off the bat.

It also allows for the reality that most first and many second circle spells are highly situational, and simply not worth as much to players as another charm they could get at the same cost (and usually less training time).

At the same time however, it can encourage players to dip into sorcery to pick up a small number of cherry-picked effects, with no intention of going further into it. If this is the type of group you have, either the Storyteller should determine which free spells a character will start with, or you should forego the free spells entirely except for Countermagic.

More Generous Sorcery

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