Heroes draw strength from their passions, and can only reach their full might by doing so. A Charm with the Motivated keyword grants bonuses that vary depending on why the user is doing what they are.

If the Charm references a nonspecific Virtue, the player and Storyteller should determine what Virtue most motivates the character’s current course of action. If no Virtue clearly does so, reference an Intimacy motivating the character’s current course of action, and determine the Virtue based on the emotional context of the Intimacy. If the character has no relevant Intimacies either, treat the Virtue as having a value of 1.

If the Charm references acting in line with the character’s motives, this requirement is satisfied by acting in accordance with any Intimacy that is not directed toward the character herself, as well as acting in line with the character’s Motivation. However, any conflicting Intimacies whatsoever cause the Exalt to not satisfy the requirement, and the action is considered to conflict with her motives. Conflict in the heart of a hero must be resolved before she can fight at her best.

Charms with the Motivated keyword ignore any Charms that enhance Virtue ratings or Virtue channeling (with the exception of Charms that allow Virtue channels to be regained in other ways). One may have those Charms, but may not utilize their benefits in conjunction with any Champion of Legend Style Charms.

Charms or effects that would prevent the character from channeling any appropriate Virtues halve the Virtues’ ratings for the purposes of this Keyword. Simply being out of Virtue Channels does not cause this effect.


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