Nullspace Displacer Unit

Nullspace Displacer Unit

Cost: 10m, 1wp [1m]; Mins: Appearance 7, Essence 7; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Colossus, Combo-OK, Internal, Obvious
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Optical Shroud

Comprised of a starmetal driver coil wound around a hoop of rare, essence negating ceramic, this Charm is capable of shifting its user almost entirely out of existence by displacing him into Nullspace. Because it is impossible to leave Nullspace without an outside impetus however, the Charm leaves behind a sensory anchor, designed to pull the character back into reality.

This anchor is an apparently mundane object, either one of the Colossus’s possessions or a part of its body, which will trigger his immediate return when a particular set of conditions – determined at the time the Charm is activated – are met in its presence. The conditions may be a complex as desired, but must rely only on readily perceptible qualities of the object’s environment.

When the conditions are met the Alchemical emerges from Nullspace at the nearest open location to the anchor. He knows approximately how much time has passed since he entered Nullspace, but possesses no information about what may have changed in his absence, baring the use of other magic. The Exalt is free to act while in Nullspace, at least in so far as that realm allows, but cannot release his commitment to this charm while there.


Elsewhere Observation Device (Perception 5, 3xp): The Alchemical may observe the immediate surroundings of the anchor he leaves behind with all of his natural senses, as well as any senses provided by his Charms or mutations, but not senses provided by equipment.

Expulsion Vector Module (Dexterity 7, Essence 7, 3xp): When the Colossus exits Nullspace, he may do so at speed, emerging at any speed up to the maximum his traits, Charms, and equipment allow. An attack made in the same action a character exits Nullspace in this way is automatically unexpected.

Nullspace Displacer Unit

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