Of (Purview) Well Considered

Of (Purview) Well Considered

Cost: 10m, 2wp; Mins: Lore 2, Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Training
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Methodology of Secrets

Fate teaches a Sidereal many lessons in the course of even the most unremarkable day. Some viziers see their future in these lessons, others discern secrets hidden from mortal eyes, and yet others – those viziers with the wisdom to study the experiences so kindly provided by the loom at length – can learn more from them than the unenlightened would think possible.

This charm represents five charms, each aligned with the purview and abilities of one of the maidens – Journeys, Battles, Pleasures, Secrets, and Endings. While this charm remains in effect, the Sidereal acquires understanding of all Abilities, Specialties, Charms, and Colleges in the chosen purview at a prodigious rate, dividing all training times by his permanent Essence. Furthermore, he may acquire these traits as a training effect, so long as he currently has no accrued experience dept. This charm explicitly does not allow a Sidereal to acquire charms or other traits for which he would normally require a tutor without having one, though this will accelerate the rate at which such traits can be learned if a tutor is available.

This charm may be purchased for additional purviews at the cost of two experience points each. With Lore four, Essence four, and all five purviews purchased, a sixth and final purchase may be made at full normal cost for the charm. Referred to simply as Of Experiences Well Considered, this final purchase allows the effects of the charm to be extended to the training of Abilities, Spells, Willpower, and Virtues.

Design Commentary

To start things out, I wanted to do a relatively straight forward self-teaching charm. I figured that if Essence as a time scalar was good enough for Craft (via Excellent Implementation of Objectives) it aught to be good enough for this too, and threw the training effects in as (very tasty) gravy.

Of (Purview) Well Considered

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