Omniplex Entertainment Promenade

Omniplex Entertainment Promenade

Cost: – [1m]; Mins: Appearance 7, Essence 7; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Colossus, Internal, Social
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Intra-Spatial Interface Engine

This Charm devotes a portion of the Colossus’s internal extra-dimensional space to the happiness, well being, and comfort of his passengers, providing anything from conventional amenities to fully immersive simulation chambers capable of replicating even the most alien of environments. Throughout all of these are woven subtle propaganda and messaging systems which produce a powerful hypnotic suggestion, capable of shaping the behavior of the Alchemical’s passengers in profound ways.

Characters using these benefits count as resting for purposes of healing and essence respiration. If a character has made use of these facilities, he counts as little as four hours of sleep as a full night’s rest, and automatically passes his Conviction roll to regain Willpower the following morning unless he spent Willpower to resist the Charm’s effects as described below. These facilities are sufficient to entertain any or all of a Colossus’s passengers and crew.

This Charm is designed to produce and reinforce a particular intimacy, configured at the time of installation. Each scene a character spends partaking of the benefits this Charm provides counts as a scene spent eroding any intimacies which oppose the one specified at installation. If no opposing intimacies remain, each scene there after counts towards building up the specified intimacy. If the designed intimacy has already been established, each scene spent increases the number of scenes required to erode that intimacy by one, without limit. All of these are unnatural emotion effects, and characters may resist these effects for a scene by spending a point of willpower.


Targeted Messaging System (Manipulation 7): With this submodule, the Colossus’s Omniplex Entertainment Promenade may be configured to produce (Manipulation ÷ 2) distinct intimacies. The Alchemical chooses which of these intimacies is developed when a character makes use of the facilities provided by the Charm.

Omniplex Entertainment Promenade

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