Ornament of Messages

Ornament of Messages


Attunement Cost: None
Maintenance: None
Repair: None

Commonly disguised as an earring, choker, or other jewelry worn on or about the head, these small metal disks – an orichalcum ring around a thin moon-silver disk – allow for short range personal communication between users. By spending a mote as a diceless miscellaneous action, the user opens a channel for communication between himself and one or more other disks within (User’s Permanent Essence) miles, which allows for two way verbal communication for one scene.

Generally, the user specifies which disks he wishes to contact as part of the action – any other copy of this artifact the user is aware of can be specified easily – but it is also possible to broadcast to all ornaments in range, known and unknown, with a successful (Intelligence + Lore) roll at difficulty three. If a specified disk is not within range it cannot be contacted, and if none of the specified disks can be reached, the connection fails entirely.

Theoretically, the design could be adapted for much longer range communication – replacing the moon-silver disk with star metal and the surrounding ring with adamant, would in principle allow messages to be be sent anywhere in creation by sending messages along the strands of the loom of fate itself. For obvious reasons however, this so-called Bauble of the Maidens (which would certainly be Artifact 4 in rating) has never actually been created.

Design Commentary

This is comparable to the one dot Echo Jewel (Scroll of Fallen Races: Mountain Folk, Page 25) but features greater range above ground, at the cost of active mote expenditure rather than a passive commitment.

Ornament of Messages

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