Overdrive Capacitance Array

Overdrive Capacitance Array

Cost: — [0m]; Mins: Stamina 2, Essence 3
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Overdrive, Stackable
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Overdrive Control Processor

Orichalcum capacitance caps are placed over either end of the Alchemical’s essence reservoir, interfacing with his Overdrive Control Processor, but distinct from it.

The capacity of the Alchemical’s Overdrive pool is expanded by 10 motes.


Overcharge Capacitor (Stamina 4): When the Alchemical gains overdrive motes but his overdrive pool is already full, he can attempt to fill it beyond its normal capacity. To do so, he must succeed at a (Stamina + Resistance) roll at difficulty equal to (2 x Total Motes Over Normal Capacity). If he fails, all motes above the cap are lost, and he suffers an unsoakable point of aggravated damage.

Conservation Circuit (Essence 4): If the Alchemical’s Overdrive pool contains any number of motes at the end of a scene, he may choose to retain up to five of them indefinitely for future use by committing 2m from his standard essence pools.

Ground State Rectifier (Intelligence 3, 4xp): At the end of each scene, when the Alchemical’s Overdrive pool contains one or more motes that would normally be lost, he recovers half that many motes as normal essence recovery. Each mote converted this way adds to his anima display before it fades.

Autonomic Reactor Control (Wits 3, 2xp): Whenever the Alchemical would gain offensive motes for his Overdrive pool, he may opt instead take them as Attunement Motes as described for Surging Essence Reactor (Scroll of Errata, Page 187).

Regenerative Reactor Engine (Stamina 3, 4xp): When the Alchemical’s Overdrive pool would empty at the end of a scene, he may elect to spend the remaining motes to heal himself, at the cost of 4m per point of bashing damage, or 8m per point of lethal damage. Aggravated damage cannot be repaired in this way.

Stasis Filaments (Intelligence 5): At any time, as a reflexive action, the Alchemical may spend 1wp to freeze his Overdrive pool for (5 x Essence) hours, or until he reflexively pays another 1wp to unfreeze it. While frozen, it cannot gain or lose motes in any way, but those motes also cannot be spent.

Dynamic Charge Conduit (Wits 5, [1m]): Whenever the Alchemcial would recover motes to his personal or peripheral pools – from a stunt or whatever other means – he may instead add twice that many motes to his Overdrive pool if he passes a reflexive (Wits + Occult) roll at difficulty equal to the number of motes recovered.

Orthodox Essence Partition (Clarity 3, Exemplar 2, [1m]): The Alchemical’s Overdrive pool capacity is expanded by a number of motes equal to his Clarity. This can cause his total to exceed the normal 25m cap on the size of Overdrive pools, but does not stack, giving an absolute maximum of 35m capacity.

Integration Engine (Stamina 3): For each artifact – explicitly not including Charms – the Alchemical has attuned, the total capacity of his Overdrive pool is increased by a number of motes equal to half its dot rating, rounded up as normal for Exalted. Multiple installations of this submodule do not stack.

Overdrive Capacitance Array

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