Pattern Shaping Understanding

Pattern Shaping Understanding

Cost: —; Mins: Lore 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Wyld Cauldron Technology

The occult sciences of thaumaturgy and sorcery seek an understanding of the mechanics which bind and direct motes of essence into the more appreciable forms of creation. Mystic materials and magical effects interact with this essence in ways that the wisest sage might never understand.

This Charm enhances the character’s Wyld-Shaping Technique, altering the list of things he is able to create, and the costs and difficulties involved in creating them.

At no additional cost or difficulty, the Solar may include thaumaturgy effects in spaces and objects he shapes with Wyld-Shaping Technique. He can include any such effect which produces a lasting, tangible result – weather control, blessings, alchemical products, and so on – but this is useless for purely intangible purposes such as information gathering. Effects created this way last indefinitely as long as they remain within the shaped area, but expire normally outside of it.

Magical Materials: The Solar may create enough raw magical materials for the construction of an artifact by spending successes equal to twice the artifact’s rating. Requirements for other projects are at the story teller’s discretion. The Solar must meet a minimum requirement in Occult to create various materials. Jade requires Occult 2, adamant requires Occult 4, moonsilver requires Occult 6, orichalcum requires Occult 8, and starmetal and soulsteal require Occult 10.

Exotic Components: The Solar can use his shaping abilities to bring forth exotic but entirely possible components. This cannot create unique objects – it could produce ice diamonds formed under the pole of air, for example, but it could not produce the ice diamond which graced the crown of a particular solar god-king in the first age. Producing such a component requires both successes and a minimum Occult equal to twice the rating of the artifact for which it is to be a component.

When invoking Wyld-Shaping Technique to create Magical Materials or Exotic Components, the Solar rolls (Intelligence + Occult) rather than the usual (Intelligence + Lore) roll. Purchasing this charm explicitly allows Wyld-Shaping Technique to be combined with Occult excellencies, which may be invoked to enhance the roll itself, and to enhance the Solar’s rating in Occult for purposes of meeting the requirements described above, in keeping with the rules for improving static values.

Pattern Shaping Understanding

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