Pyrotechnic Savant Style

Pyrotechnic Savant Style

Though most exalted disdain the use of complex mechanical weapons in favor of the brutal mass of goremauls or the vicious power of diaklaves, the blazing fire tongues of flame weapons and the lambent plasma bolts of their first age predecessors offer a unique opportunity for those with the insight and the enlightened essence to use them. With a savant’s understanding of the principles behind these weapons, and an essence user’s insight into the elemental powers that drive them, extraordinary feats of martial prowess may be made manifest on the field of battle.

Compared to most celestial martial arts, the Pyrotechnic Savant Style is a relatively recent invention, created by a southern alchemist come eclipse cast Lawgiver called Resonant Asuhika in the wake of the great contagion. In her mortal life, Asuhika lived with a traveling circus, producing fireworks as part of their performances. When the contagion drove them into the burning desert of the deep south, only she survived, immerging blessed by the Unconquered Sun. Though she died just ten years later, in the interim she capitalized on her mortal skills to create this art.

The style survived its creator only in written form. Before her death, Resonant Asuhika inscribed the techniques of the Pyrotechnic Savant on a collection of orichalcum tablets, which she left behind at her dojo in the distant south. The fairfolk incursions after the contagion subsequently swept over the region, and the dojo manse was lost to the Wyld, where it remained undiscovered for centuries to come. Only with the return of the Lawgivers and their boundless ability to tame the Wyld were the ruins of Asuhika’s dojo uncovered, and the tablets describing the Pyrotechnic Savant Style found.

Weapons & Armor: Pyrotechnic Savant Style may be used with any light weight flame weapon. Its practitioners typically wield flame pieces or their magitech counterparts, but it may be used with any energy weapon that the user can easily wield in one hand – including siege scale weaponry for those with sufficient stature (as well as sufficient strength). Attacks with such weapons count as unarmed for the purposes of charms in this style. This style is compatible with any armor that lacks a mobility penalty, and with warstriders when combined with appropriately scaled weaponry.

Complementary Abilities: To learn the Pyrotechnic Savant Style, a practitioner must possess both martial mastery and the peerless insight of a thaumaturge. To begin learning, a practitioner must possess Archery, Martial Arts, and Occult at three or greater. To learn more advanced charms, the martial artist must always possess an Occult score at least equal to his or her Martial Arts. Many practitioners also develop advanced mastery of Archery in order to combine techniques from this style with powerful Archery charms, as well as Craft, in order to create and maintain their weapons and ammunition.

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Pyrotechnic Savant Style

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