Rage of Kallaberse

Rage of Kallaberse


Attunement Cost: 6m
Activation Cost: None
Repair: 2

The various manifestations of the Rage of Kallaberse are triggered by how luminous the user’s anime banner is:

Qualities of the artifact that are always active. The infusion of orichalcum into the recipient’s body is enough to provide a number of benefits.

  • +2 (-0 Health Level)
  • +2 (-1 Health Level)
  • +3L / +3B / +3A to Natural Soak

Glittering Caste Mark
As the user’s caste mark begins to illuminate so do the rest of the tattoos on her face; enough essence is flowing through the system to cause all of the tattoos above her neck to alight.

  • Protects the exalt’s vision from blinding sources

Shining Caste Mark
Enough essence now flows for the tattoos along the shoulder and back to now glow, establishing a connection to the skin mount amulet, deactivating the hearthstone set there and enabling additional powers.

  • +2 dots to Awareness
  • Enhancements the exalt’s vision: see in no-light conditions, see through obscuring conditions, see through solid non-magical obstructions up to one inch, see enchanted artifacts, see manses and know their rating, see demenses and know their rating, see obvious charms, see unmanifested spirits, see ghosts, see living beings

Coruscant Aura
Now drawing power from the embedded hearthstone, at this level all of the tattoos are now visible, glowing with the same golden radiance as the exalted’s caste mark.

  • +2 dots to Strength for feats of strength, calculating jump distance, inflicting damage with attacks and meeting weapon usage pre-requisites.
  • +4 dots to Dexterity for calculating parry.
  • Doubles movement rate; 10mph marching movement rate.

Essence Bonfire
With the exalted’s anima banner now active the light given off by the tattoos has turned red and begins to pulse lightly.

  • Ability to interact with (including attacking and damaging) non-manifested entities.

Totemic Aura
The system is operating at peak efficiency now, with the anima power of the solar providing enough essence to trigger the final component of the Rage of Kallaberse.

  • A massive wing of red essence rises from the one tattooed shoulder of the exalt. The span of the wing is 3 yards, but is not constrained by close quarters. When manifest all numerical components of the dawn caste’s anima banner are doubled.

That tattoo component of this charm is permanent and requires no maintenance. But the orichalcum and moonsilver that flows through the bearer’s veins, providing the foundation for this artifact to function, needs to be periodically replenished, requiring monthly injection. The mixture itself is equivalent to a 3-dot resource, and once injected the bearer must flare her anima banner for an entire scene to properly integrate the mixture. The mixture is stable, allowing the bearer to carry multiple injections of the 10 milliliter dose, but it must be injected by someone with 4-dots in Lore, Medicine and Occult to ensure that it is done properly.

Rage of Kallaberse

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