Reign of Steel

Reign of Steel

Cost: 8m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -0)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Two Actions
Prerequisite Charms: Absolute Bond Attainment

For the true master of Harmonic Attunement, the relationship between man and machine transcends the Link itself. Within the domain of his armored shell, at the head of his host of armaments, the martial artist is king, and exercises absolute power over his realm.

This charm can be activated only if the martial artist’s Sync value is at least equal to his essence, and its Willpower cost is waived if his Sync value is twice his Essence or more. While it is active, the character is utterly impervious to attack, perfectly negating all attacks in Step 10 of attack resolution, and perfectly resisting all unwanted Shaping, Crippling, Disease, Poison, Stunning, and Knockback effects. Additionally, his Sync value is increased to (Essence x 2) if not already higher, and all of his attack and damage dice are converted to automatic successes.

This charm remains in effect until the end of the martial artist’s next action tick, at which time it expires and the character’s Sync value is immediately reset to zero.

A character who possesses an arcane link to one of the character’s bonded items can perform a simple thaumaturgical ritual from the Art of Enchantment (Bond Severing Edge, Rank 1, Intelligence, Difficulty 2, 2 Hours) which enchants a mundane weapon with the ability to penetrate the perfect defense provided by this charm. This constitutes a special flaw of invulnerability.


Reign of Steel

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