Shadow Abjuring Spines

Shadow Abjuring Spines


Attunement Cost: None
Activation Cost: 10m
Maintenance: None

Typically found in sets of at least three, and sometimes in collections of a hundred or more, each of these smooth steel rods is about an inch in diameter and six feet tall, with a finely carved orichalcum seal stamped on its top end and a simple flat bevel on the bottom. By driving these rods into the ground at the periphery of a shadowland – expending 10m with each spine planted – the influence of the Underworld can be contained within its borders, and in time the shadowland itself can be reduced and even completely eliminated.

Creatures of the underworld crossing the shadowland’s borders into Creation or touching one of the rods suffer levels of unsoakable aggravated damage equal to their Essence, and produce a visible reaction equivalent to a 10m Solar anima banner. Additionally, a shadowland warded in this way cannot expand, and after being warded for more than a year and a day begins to collapse, its border permanently receding at a rate of a mile each year until it vanishes entirely.

To create these effects, the entire perimeter of a shadowland must be encircled with a minimum of three spines, spaced no more than a mile apart. Once planted, the rods perfectly resist any physical force which attempts to move them with 5 successes in the event of a roll off, remaining so bound until the magic of the circle is broken with Celestial Counter Magic, by removing one of the rods, or by the final collapse of the encircled shadowland.

An individual spine is artifact one (and useless), while a collection of three spines is rated artifact two. An artifact three collection is sufficient to encircle a shadowland the size of a large city – around 30 spines – while an artifact four collection of several hundred spines could encompass all but the largest shadowlands in Creation. An artifact five collection, consisting of thousands of spines, could in theory be used to contain even the greatest blights on the mortal world.

Shadow Abjuring Spines

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