The Fall

Grim and full of terrors, The Fall re-envisions Exalted as a supernatural war story. In the grips of a centuries long war reminiscent of World Wars I and II, the spawn of the dead Titan Autochthon – The Engine of Extinction – fight across miles or inches against the Dragonblooded Alliance. Infiltration, espionage, guerrilla actions, arms races, and full scale wars characterize the ever-lasting state of conflict between these two mighty war machines as they vie for the future of a shattered and war-torn Creation.

The Fall supposes a world where the Primordials left Creation rather than fighting, and were not seen again until the vast hulk of dead-Autochthon’s world body plunged from the sky, shattering the vault of heaven, and leaving the Blessed Isle a crater. Where the Sun never had cause to create his Exalted. Where revered Lunar heroes bound themselves to save Creation, and reviled Sidereal conspirators lurk in every shadow. And where it is either the Dragonblooded or the Alchemicals – depending on one’s allegiance – who are the rightful Princes of the Earth.


Bringing pulp adventure to the world of Exalted, this Shard re-envisions the Realm of Brass and Shadow in the mold of the 1920s and 1930s of popular fiction – stylish and energetic, thriving on the dividends of peace, but ultimately burning too hot and too fast to survive. In Hyperion, Alchemical adventurers set out to explore the countless mysteries of Autochthonia through the might of their technology and the strength of their limitless curiosity. All the while though, ancient mysteries lurk in the shadows, waiting to be uncovered.

Hyperion supposes a world where the Primordial War was lost, and it was only in the Second War – when the mighty Alchemical Host mounted their invasion of the old world – that the Titans were thrown down. With the death of its builders, Creation itself began to crumble into the Wyld, and the Host returned home to the fastness of the Great Maker’s world body, eager to reap the dividends of peace. But adventure is not so easily forgotten, and the Reaches are host to countless mysteries, the most famous among them being the fabled lost city of Hyperion


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