Strategic Planning Initiative

Strategic Planning Initiative

Cost: 5m [1m]; Mins: Intelligence 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Dramatic)
Keywords: Internal, Planning
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Any Intelligence Augmentation

With great care and extensive computation, a Champion can lay superior plans for the future. Purpose built for this task, a wafer-thin matrix of starmetal inserted between the lobes of his brain elevate this capability to superhuman levels. An Alchemical activates this charm during his down time – any time when he has at least an hour to act independently of his allies and free of immediate exigencies – to set a plan in motion. His player need not specify what that plan is when the charm is activated, except by choosing a narrow group of characters (other than his immediate companions) that will be central to the scheme.

Any time thereafter, the Champion may release his commitment to this charm and bring his plan to fruition, describing what he did when he activated the charm and the results those actions have on the current situation. Both the result of the plan and the original action must involve the group chosen when the charm was activated. The Alchemical’s player then rolls (Intelligence + War) against a difficulty of one for a superficial outcome, three for a useful outcome that could have been produced by a stunt, or six for an outcome that produces a more significant plot twist of some kind. If he succeeds, the scheme goes off as planned. If he fails, the storyteller should narrate a brief aside describing how the plan went awry.

An alchemical can maintain and release his commitment(s) to this charm even while it is uninstalled. Ending his commitment to this charm has the full effect described above, regardless of whether the charm is installed at the time the commitment ends.


Parallel Planning Array (Intelligence 5, 3xp) The charm gains the Stackable keyword, and the Alchemical gains the ability to manage up to (Intelligence) schemes at a time using this charm.

Strategic Integration Schema (Wits 4, 2xp) This submodule allows the Alchemical to combine his efforts with other exalted masterminds. When the exalt releases his commitment to this charm, other characters may release their own planning charm commitments to assist him, each describing how his plan contributes, and adding (Essence) dice to the ensuing roll.

Macro-Planning Logic (Intelligence 7) This submodule allows the Champion to specify a broad group – up to as large as an entire nation – as the central axis of his plans, as long as he bears an intimacy towards that group, or a background which establishes his relationship to them.

Strategic Planning Initiative

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