Structural Chassis Framework

Structural Chassis Framework

Cost: – [1m]; Mins: Stamina 3, Essence 6; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Transfiguration
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

Typically built in place by the Demiurges (at least when not used with Veriform Transfiguration Engine), this Charm is as near as a Colossus will come to being a Metropolis before making the final transition to that state. It takes the form of a building, usually three to five stories tall, although frequently one or more stories are in fact sublevels or basements, and totally immobile.

Though it has the obvious disadvantages of both a total lack of mobility, and a total lack of anatomy with which to manipulate its environment, it has the countervailing strengths of being highly efficient and nearly indestructible. Such configurations are most often deployed as forward bases, outposts, or in preparation for a Colossus’s forthcoming evolution to Metropolis status.
The Structural Chassis Framework confers the following mechanical benefits and limitations:

  • The Colossus’s personal essence pool is expanded by (Willpower x 2) motes
  • The Colossus gains a number of additional -0 health levels equal to his (Essence x 5)
  • The Colossus’s natural soak is increased by (Essence x 2) against all damage types
  • The Colossus gains (Essence x 100) cubic yards of passenger and cargo capacity
  • The Colossus has no arms or hands, and cannot perform actions that require them
  • The Colossus is completely immobile unless other charms provide it mobility


Weapon Turret Systems (Dexterity 5): This Charm equips the Colossus with mounted weaponry – almost always ranged, except in the case of weapons intended for ramming – which sits in pivoting turrets or mounts attached to his body. The Exalt may mount up to two such weapons, though the Multiple Limbs mutation allows him to mount more, in addition to its other benefits. These turrets are obvious, but can be retracted and concealed using Technomorphic Integration Engine or similar magic.

Fortress Chassis Upgrade (Essence 7): This submodule permanently converts the Alchemical’s Structural Chassis Framework into a literal fortress, unassailable and all but impervious to harm. This also results in an increase in the structure’s size, from an average of four stories to an average of eight, with a commensurate increase in footprint. The mechanical effects of this change are as follows:

  • Number of extra -0 health levels gained increases to ((Essence + Stamina) x 5)
  • Bonus to all types of natural soak increases to (Essence x 5)
  • Internal storage and cargo capacity increases to (Essence x 1000) cubic yards
  • The Colossus gains (Essence x 2) creation points worth of manse features

Structural Chassis Framework

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