Talisman of Heavenly Enforcement

Talisman of Heavenly Enforcement


From time to time it becomes necessary for the forces of Yu-Shan to enforce their laws on unruly Gods and spirits with more straightforward means than censure and audits. Sometimes living beings are called upon to mete out punishment or recover unruly spirits despite their dematerialized state.

Given that not all beings are capable of seeing, let alone interacting, with a troublemaker who prefers to not exist in the material realm, the Talismans of Heavenly Enforcement were created. These shining badges grant its bearer the ability to physically suppress their enemies even if they chose to hide by dematerializing themselves. These Talismans have not seen much use since the First Age as the Heavenly Bureaucracy has less trust for the beings of Creation, but they are not forgotten amongst the rank and file of the spirit court, and most who see one are aware of what it can mean for them.

The Talisman of Heavenly Enforcement grants its User a number of powers. Firstly, by spending 3m they are able to see any dematerialized beings as though they were using the charm Spirit-Detecting Glance for a scene. Secondly, at a cost of 1m they can reflexively activate the Charm Spirit-Cutting Attack to strike such a being as well. Finally, if the bearer happens to be present at the point of a spirit being dissipated by damage, they can reflexively spend 4m to trap the creature in a temporary essence container and is absorbed into the Talisman itself.

This cage matrix is ejected from the Talisman in the form of a small gem, the size of which is determined by the Essence rating and power of the creature contained therein. Anyone holding this gem is capable of communicating with the trapped being in a manner similar to a Yasal Crystal and the trapped creature is still a valid target for charms and effects. This structure is only temporary, however, and the trapped being is able to roll their Permanent Essence each morning they remain trapped inside and upon reaching 10 total successes they are freed from the gem and will dissipate as they normally would before being trapped. The bearer of the Talisman can also destroy the gem for 1m.

Design Notes

This Artifact basically grants 2 ESS 2 charms, and an extra power that while strong, still does not allow the user to permanently destroy a spirit. The spirit being able to escape helps balance this out. As it is a strong, but not world shaping artifact that follows a very specific purpose, this sits at an Artifact 3 rating_

Talisman of Heavenly Enforcement

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