Temporal Meta-Stasis Dormitory

Temporal Meta-Stasis Dormitory

Cost: – [1m]; Mins: Wits 7, Essence 7; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Colossus, Internal
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Intra-Spatial Interface Engine

This Charm fills a sector of the Alchemical’s extra-dimensional space with vast arrays of bronze-bound glass stasis tanks, capable of housing as many as (Essence x 100) people. Characters cannot be forced into these tanks, but those who lie in one and spend a point of Willpower fall into a dreamless, timeless sleep where they do not breathe, require nourishment, or age. Characters ensconced in this state do not count as passengers for the purposes of Intra-Spatial Interface Engine, and so can remain contained even when the Charm is deactivated or uninstalled, existing in a state of indefinite stasis.

Characters wake from stasis at the liberty of the Colossus using this Charm. Typically they schedule a time or set of conditions under which they will be woken, but it is ultimately up to their host to wake them with a trivial reflexive action. Characters cannot be woken from stasis when the Exalt’s Intra-Spatial Interface Engine is not installed and active.

In the event that the Colossus is killed while this Charm is installed and one or more characters are in stasis within, this Charm is guaranteed to survive his death, and can be found amongst his remains. The Charm itself can be subsequently damaged but not completely destroyed, and doing so kills all those in stasis, leaving their spirits trapped within the extra-dimensional space until the Charm is reinstalled.


Legacy Capsule Receiver (1xp): This submodule allows the Colossus to install and use a Temporal Meta-Stasis Dormitory which originally belonged to another Alchemical. The Charm’s original owner must be deceased, or he must willingly give the Charm over to the character with this submodule, but in either case the Charm in question becomes a permanent part of the receiving Exalt’s panoply.

Temporal Meta-Stasis Dormitory

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