Terrestrials In Celestial Games

To enable a Dragon Blooded player character to participate on a more equal footing in a party of Celestial exalted, the following changes may be applied:

  • The dice cap from charms is expanded from (Ability) to (Ability x 2)
  • Element type surcharges on charm use of any kind are ignored
  • Alternate element forms of known charms can be purchased for 3xp
  • The Terrestrial should start with his Essence one higher than the others
  • The Terrestrial should start with the Breeding background at 5
  • The Terrestrial uses the same experience cost table used by Solars

Design Impact

Increasing the dice cap is essential right off the bat, just to make sure that the Terrestrial in question has dice pools that allow him to take part in the same battles and challenges as the Celestial players. Automatic high Essence, Breeding, and the waving of surcharges allows him to compete in the same mote economy. Discounted duplicate charms and overall cost scheme help him keep up as everyone advances, by removing the arbitrary handicaps that reduce the average threat level of Dragon Blooded at large.

In most respects, this can be thought of as a Heroic Dragon Blooded character, and most other Terrestrials shouldn’t play be these rules. For antagonists, it’s appropriate to use these in most respects, but the miscellaneous exalts of the Wyld Hunt and such should be constructed using the standard limitations.

Terrestrials In Celestial Games

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