Teserract Cell-Block Matrix

Teserract Cell-Block Matrix

Cost: 5m; Mins: Wits 9, Essence 7; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Colossus, Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Interspatial Gateway Generator

This Charm consists of a featureless soulsteel canister located adjacent to the Colossus’s Intra-Spatial Interface Engine, designed to segregate and contain living essence patterns. Whenever a character steps through one of the portals generated by the Alchemical’s Intra-Spatial Interface Engine or Interspatial Gateway Generator, coming or going, the Exalt may reflexively activate this Charm to shunt the character into containment within this Charm.

Characters imprisoned in this way remain so, utterly helpless, for as long as essence remains committed to this Charm, trapped in a Nullspace cell from which there can be no escape. No action such a character can take will extricate him from his confinement outside of space. Only the actions of those outside can recover him – either by ending the Alchemical’s commitment to this Charm, or by employing some other extraordinary magic capable of fetching the imprisoned entity up from beyond the real.


Neural Reeducation Unit (Manipulation 11): This submodule bombards a character imprisoned by Teserract Cell-Block Matrix with a constant onslaught of messages designed to reshape his personality and very motivation. Each day spent imprisoned counts as a scene spent building an intimacy of the Alchemical’s design, or eroding an intimacy the Alchemical knows of. If at any point none of the intimacies with which the character entered his imprisonment remain, the Colossus may also permanently replace the character’s motivation with one of his choosing.

Essence Deprivation Oubliette (Intelligence 11): With this submodule installed, a character imprisoned by Teserract Cell-Block Matrix is cut off from all outside resources, rendering him unable to regain essence, points of temporary willpower, and virtue channels by any means. This also incidentally blocks the voices of the Neverborn heard by a character with Whispers, and the thoughts of Autochthon as heard by characters with high Clarity.

Teserract Cell-Block Matrix

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