The Courtesan's Arch

The Courtesan’s Arch


Attunement Cost: 8m
Activation Cost: Varies
Repair: None

This delicate span, composed of thin layers of pale blue-grey gnarl wood laminated with foil thin sheets of orichalcum etched with passages of lovely poetry in old realm, takes its name from its curve, which is said to resemble the arched profile of a beautiful woman’s torso. Attuned for a cost of eight motes, the length makes for an excellent and effective power bow, but its true strength lies in its ability to focus and channel its bearer’s positive emotions in to powerful pseudo-social attacks.

By reflexively spending three motes when making a ranged attack with this weapon as part of an appropriate stunt, the bearer can infuse the attack with a positive emotion she wishes to direct at her target, transforming it into a bolt of violet light. An attack infused in this way is made using Charisma instead of Dexterity against the target’s MDV, and can be enhanced by both Archery and social charms but must be defended against as a social attack. If it hits the attack deals no damage but instead creates a magical intimacy of the bearer’s choice, which must be positive in context, unless the target spends a quantity of willpower equal to one third of the extra successes rolled on the attack (maximum of five) to resist the effect for the scene. This intimacy is an unnatural emotion effect which persists for a number of ticks equal to attack’s raw damage.

By reflexively expending a point of Willpower and a number of motes equal to the target’s best MDV when she makes an attack with this weapon, the bearer can extend the influence of her positive emotions so as to make her target embrace the attacks directed at him with open arms. The target must pay two points of Willpower to resist the effect until his next action, or his DV is reduced to zero until his DV next refreshes or he suffers any amount of damage.

The user may activate either or both of these powers for any given attack.

Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Tags
6 +4 8L / 2 2 540 2,B,O

The Courtesan's Arch

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