The Daughters of Twilight

The Daughters of Twilight


Attunement Cost: 6m / 12m
Activation Cost: None
Maintenance: 1

The Daughters of Twilight are a dueling set of plasma tongue repeaters dating back to the first age. The set consists of two weapons – Aurora, Daughter of the Day and Umbra, Daughter of the Night – and an antique brass and ironwood case. Within the case, a recess between the two weapons is designed to hold a hearth stone, enabling the weapons stored there to draw upon its energy to refill their energy reserves.

If the two weapons are closed within the case with a hearth stone installed, both weapons will be automatically reloaded at sunset each day. Alternately, if the set’s owner commits essence to one or both weapons (six motes for one, or twelve for both) the weapon never needs to be reloaded, and consumes no ammunition.

Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Ammo Tags
5 +3 11L 1 25 5 F

Design Commentary

This item is based on the Plasma Tongue Repeater as seen on page 75 of Wonders of the Lost Age. It has not yet been adjusted for a particular material, as no rules exist for applying material modifiers to this type of weapon at this time. Note that while this artifact is described as a set of two weapons for flavor purposes, the second weapon is reserved exclusively for the opponent in a duel, and will never be used by the owner.

The Daughters of Twilight

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