The Resonant Spire

The Resonant Spire


Attunement Cost: 8m
Activation Cost: 10m, 1wp
Repair: None

This slender starmetal rod stretches some six feet long, and tapers to a fine point at one end. Its length is carved with interlocking loops and whirls, forming a complex pattern of essence circuitry. Cast by Autochthon from the excess material used in the creation of the pattern spiders, the device bears an arcane link to the clockwork gods of the loom of fate which the Great Maker used to call upon them directly. Lesser beings than he enjoy a far less direct relationship, but even in such hands the device is among the most powerful and subtle fate altering tools in creation.

Attuning the spire costs eight motes, and provides no inherent benefit beyond the use of the spear as a weapon. By touching a hearthstone to the spear’s butt, an attuned user may bind it to the device much as he would to a typical hearthstone socket (and with the same mechanical effect), save that the stone hangs magically suspended a few inches from the end of the rod as an Obvious effect.

With a socketed hearthstone, the Spire becomes a powerful tool for shaping the geomancy to which the stone is connected. The Spire’s bearer gains a base +5 bonus on all geomancy related rolls (including the rolls described below) made using the Spire as a tool, reduced by one for each step along the network of dragon lines separating the socketed stone’s manse from the site being manipulated.

Additionally, at the cost of ten motes and one willpower, an attuned user may call upon the spire’s direct connection to the pattern spiders to achieve the following effects:

Alter A Demesne – Traveling to an auspicious location relative to a demesne (typically within [5 ^ Rating] miles, and requiring a [Perception + Occult] roll at difficulty [Rating] to locate), the bearer thrusts the Spire into the earth, and relays his instructions to the spiders, rolling [Intelligence + Occult] at difficulty [Rating x 2]. If successful, fate conspires to shift the intervening geomancy over [Demesne’s Rating – Extra Successes] months, modifying the demesne’s rating up or down by one.

This power can reduce a demesne’s rating to as little as zero, destroying it, or raise it to no higher than five. It may also create a one point demesne where none existed before. If used to reduce the rating of a demesne capped by a manse, one feature chosen at random becomes damaged for each decrease in rating, until the demesne is destroyed; reducing the manse to a mundane structure. If a new demesne is created, the user may select its aspect according to his wishes.

Raise A Natural Manse – By invoking the power of the Spire at [Rating] key locations as described above, and finally again at the heart of the demesne to be capped, the bearer of the Spire can attempt to raise a natural manse as described for the celestial Circle sorcery Raise the Puissant Sanctum (The White Treatise, Page 79) on an existing, uncapped demesne. The manse coalesces over [ [ Rating x 2 ] – Extra Successes ] months, based on the final [Intelligence + Occult] roll made at the demesne.

Wielded as a weapon, the Resonant Spire is treated as a starmetal dire lance with the following profile:

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
5 +4 +13L / +19L +3 2 L,R

Design Commentary

As a weapon, the Spire is an better than the basic two dot dire lance of the same material (Exalted, Pages 386, 387), with an extra +1 to accuracy and defense, and +2 damage, in keeping with guidelines from Oadenol’s Codex, from whence it also draws its significantly higher attunement cost.

The Spire’s geomantic powers might be compared to those of the Singing Staff (Exalted, Page 392), but are significantly more limited in all details, forgoing its many utilitarian applications, requiring much greater skill from its user, and exacting a greatly increased cost of activation.

The Resonant Spire

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