The Sorcerer's Array

The Sorcerer’s Array


Attunement Cost: 5m
Activation Cost: None
Maintenance: None

A scepter-like object crafted of rune scribed orichalcum, with three hearth stone settings at the opposite end from the grip, this powerful sorcerer’s tool is designed to harness the power of an essence user’s manses to the purpose of his greater magical workings. When a trio of hearth stones are fitted to the rod’s settings, the runes along its length shimmer with light and power.

When a sorcerer holding the Array casts a sorcery, he may draw some or all of the energy for the spell from the manses at his command, through the three hearth stones set in the device. The runes and occult workings within the rod channel the essence the user would normally regain from the stones directly into the sorcerer’s effect.

In practical terms, the user of The Sorcerer’s Array gains an additional pool of essence equal to twice the combined Manse rating of the stones set in the device, which he may draw upon only for the purposes of sorcery. These motes may be committed or spent as normal, and are replenished only after the user’s personal and peripheral pools, if not still committed. Attuning the Array requires five motes.

Design Commentary

In essence, this lets the player bank an hour’s worth of essence regeneration from his hearth stones explicitly for use with sorcery. Given the cost of sorcery, both in terms of essence, and character development, and the fact the the artifact does nothing without hearth stones to set in it, which must be got from other sources, it’s a good example of a highly specialized tool._

The Sorcerer's Array

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