The Void Key

The Void Key


Attunement Cost: 10m
Activation Cost: None
Repair: 5

Hearthstone Sockets: 1

The Void Key is at once the ultimate tool for, and ultimate weapon against the taint of the Void that infests the body and soul of the Great Maker. Comprised of an infinitesimally thin flake of adamant crystal from Autochthon’s core pressed between a pair of indestructible orichalcum latices, this daiklave is a living metaphor for the relationship between the primordial’s sickness and the impossible Solar magic that can cure it.

Unbeknownst to any save those who’ve wielded it, this weapon is in fact a living thing – a functioning ex-machina willingly forged into the form of a weapon by Solar artifice. Mechanically, this spirit is a 5-dot familiar automatically acquired by the character who attunes the blade, and while it cannot leave the blade or materialize in any other form, it is fully aware of the world around it and can converse normally with its user.

The spirit has Essence 5, automaton virtues, and a full suite of charms as deemed appropriate by the Storyteller. It bears intimacies of love and faith towards the Great Maker, and wants to see him healthy and whole, but it is bound by its motivation to do as its wielder commands. It possesses the following panoply powers:

  • The spirit can, uppon command, empower any wielder with at least an Essence of 4 with the ability to use the Solar charm Wyld Shaping Technique.
  • The spirit can confer Alchemical charms upon its bearer, if they meet the charm’s requirements, by committing motes equal to the charm’s minimum essence.
  • The spirit can consume the essence of any spirit slain with the blade it inhabits, destroying it as with Ghost Eating Technique, and gaining XP equal to its Essence.

As the spirit of the blade gains experience, both the spirit and the blade itself will inevitably evolve. What it will eventually become is difficult to say, and likely depends on the purpose to which it is set, and the masters it serves, but should it ever achieve Essence 10 – the blade itself having long-since become an N/A artifact – the being into which it blossoms will fundamentally change the Great Maker himself.

Forged or Adamant and Orichalcum, only a Solar can attune the blade at normal cost. All others attune it as if it were comprised of the wrong magical material. Any character who does attune it is immune to void taint and gremlin syndrome, and may perfectly negate all Shaping effects which originate from gremlins or void-tech charms. While the weapon remains attuned, any such effects already ongoing are suppressed completely, and the wielder may respire motes normally in blight zones.

By driving the blade into the geomantic center of a blight zone, a character who knows Wyld Shaping Technique can use that charm to reshape the region as if it were the Deep Wyld. While doing so, he may cleanse it of its void taint at the same cost as creating the healthy territory which it will become, thus eradicating the blight zone itself. Doing so ends his ability to shape it in this way, sealing it in its new form permanently.

Conversely, the blade can be used in combination with Wyld Shaping Technique in areas untouched by the void, whether in the Wyld, Autochthonia, Creation, or other realms, to create void zones. Creating a void zone requires five shaping successes, and an area converted to the Void in this way can never be fully restored. Even if it is later cleansed using this artifact’s powers, it remains void tainted as a permanent Shaping effect.

Characters living in such tainted territory are at risk of contracting the Great Maker’s cancer, and may spontaneously develop gremlin syndrome unless they are immune to shaping or mutation, or the effect is suppressed in some fashion. Even one such region within any other primordial’s world body places that being at risk, and as such, any of the Yozi who learn of this blade’s powers are likely to seek its destruction with insane zeal.

As a weapon, the blade possesses the adamant magical material bonus (reducing soak against its attacks by a total of eight). Its attacks ignore hardness, can strike dematerialized targets, and deal aggravated damage to creatures of the Void.

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
4 +3 5L/2 +4 3 O,P

The Void Key

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