Trans-Chosen Emulator

Harmonic Coils (Essence 3, 2xp): Rune etched coils of all five magical materials interlace the alchemical’s Trans-Chosen Implant, harmonizing his essence with the essence of the Chosen he pretends to be.

While the alchemical is disguising his anima display as that of another caste or type of exalt, he may attune artifacts of the material type appropriate to that exalt (in addition to those appropriate to his natural type) without the usual surcharge, and gains their full benefits as if he were an exalt of that type.

Should the alchemical deactivate Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier or choose to emulate an exalt of a different type, he may reflexively commit the difference in attunement cost to each relevant artifact. If he chooses not to for any given artifact, it is instantly unattuned.

Multiphase Calibration (Essence 4, Harmonic Coils): The finely tuned and delicately adjusted works of the alchemical’s harmonic coils are able to harmonize multiple materials at the same time.

While the alchemical’s Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier is active, the alchemical may attune and use artifacts of any material or materials as if he were an exalt of the appropriate type, regardless of what exalt type his anima emulates. The results of deactivating the charm match those described above.

Anima Conversion Unit (Essence 5): Complex essence circuitry connects the alchemical’s Trans-Chosen Emulator to his essence reservoir, effecting practical changes to his anima.

The alchemical may spend one willpower as a non-charm-activation reflexive action to replace his own anima power with that of the exalt type and caste he is currently emulating for the rest of the scene. This cannot replicate an eclipse’s ability to learn non-native charms, or any similar effect, and the effect ends if he changes which exalt type he is emulating (though it may be subsequently reactivated).

Anima Reinvention Array (Essence 6, Appearance 5, Metatotemic Calibrator, 4xp): With this submodule a colossus may freely reinvent the visual manifestations of both his anima banner and any Obvious Charms he employs. This cannot render an Obvious effect non-Obvious, but can re-theme the visual effects produced in any other way. With an appropriate stunt, this effect negates anima-banner based penalties and limitations on the use of stealth and disguise.

Trans-Chosen Emulator

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