Transhuman (Attribute) Scaffold

Transhuman (Attribute) Scaffold

Cost: – [3m]; Mins: (Attribute) 6, Essence 6; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Colossus, Native, Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

Consistent greatness is the hallmark of the Exalted, and none more so than the Alchemical Colossus. Their vast and powerful physical forms, and potent essence-channeling mechanisms are capable of providing these titans of industry with unsurpassed and continuous excellence the likes of which their organic counterparts must inevitably envy.

Transhuman (Attribute) Scaffold adds dice to all rolls with the chosen Attribute equal to the Alchemical’s rating in that Attribute. Similarly, he doubles the chosen Attribute when calculating static characteristics such as defense values. Although these dice are added passively, they still count as dice added by Charms, and as such Transhuman (Attribute) Scaffold effectively obviates the use of the First and Second (Attribute) Augmentations for the chosen attribute.

In addition to its installation cost, while this charm is installed the Colossus must commit a number of additional motes equal to his (Attribute ÷ 2) from his personal or peripheral pools. Making this attunement takes one long tick, and it may be released reflexively, but while not so attuned the Colossus suffers an Internal penalty equal to his score in the chosen Attribute instead of receiving the normal benefits of this charm, as major portions of his internal anatomy cease to function.

Under Consideration:

Replace the last paragraph of Transhuman (Attribute) Scaffold with the following:

The demands a Transhuman Attribute Scaffold places on a Colossus’s essence are extraordinary. An Alchemical may install this charm for no more than (Essence – 5) Attributes at a time, and each installation of the charm reduces the capacity of his peripheral essence pool by a number of motes equal to his rating in the attribute this charm enhances.

Transhuman (Attribute) Scaffold

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