Unblinking Sentinel's Watch

Unblinking Sentinel’s Watch

Cost: —; Mins: Awareness 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Unsurpassed (Sense) Technique, Surprise Anticipation Method
The Lawgivers never falter in their watch over Creation. Faced with the deceptions of the wicked and corrupt, each failure only strengthens their drive, and they never cease to hunt down the truth.

Whenever someone opposes an Awareness roll of the Solar’s made with a sense the Solar knows Unsurpassed (Sense) Technique for with a Stealth or Larceny roll of their own in a given scene, or whenever the Solar makes an Awareness roll to perceive a hidden threat, the Solar adds one automatic success to all further Awareness rolls to perceive that opponent or threat for the next day. These automatic successes are cumulative, to a maximum of (Solar’s Awareness) bonus successes. The Stealth or Larceny roll does not need to be made at the time of the Solar’s Awareness roll – spotting the poison in his goblet is as valid a threat as spotting pickpockets stealing from him.

Arguably more importantly, however, the Solar may choose to activate his Scene-length Awareness Charms as Indefinite-duration Charms by committing one mote and spending one Willpower for every two Charms activated in this way.

At Essence 6 this Charm automatically upgrades; the Solar gains automatic successes for (Essence) days rather than a single day, and may commit two motes per threat to retain the automatic successes gained indefinitely.

At Essence 6 this Charm may also be re-purchased. At this point, constant vigilance has become second nature to the Solar, and he gains a permanent discount to the cost of Awareness excellencies equal to the number of Indefinite-duration Awareness Charms he currently has active. This discount may not be used in the case of cross-applying Awareness Excellencies to non-Awareness rolls, and does not stack with Excellency cost discounts provided by any other effects (though as normal, some dice may be discounted by this effect and some by another).

Unblinking Sentinel's Watch

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