Unknowable Countenance Mask

Unknowable Countenance Mask

Cost: – [1m]; Mins: Appearance 5, Essence 6; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Colossus, Emotion, Obvious, Social, Void
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Any Social Attribute Augmentation

A cold, featureless mask of the Dreadnaught’s magical material covers his face, smoke rising from its borders and black, tarry oil oozing from the rivets driven in to his twisted flesh to hold it in place. The faces of all those the Exalt has slain in the Void’s name swirl across its surface, more active and more agonized than those seen in the most horrific soulsteel artifact. To look upon this visage is to know with certainty that there is no truth but the Void. To know that the silence of nothingness is the ultimate fate not just of men and gods, but of every mote in every realm, the universe over. To know despair.

The Exalt radiates this cold certainty in an aura of doom which effects all creatures within (Essence x 100) yards, unless they expend a Conviction channel and (Charisma ÷ 2) points of Willpower to resist it for a scene. As an unnatural emotion effect, those in the area who do not resist fall into a deep, despairing introspection where they are unaware of everything going on around them unless physically, personally attacked (in which case they are freed from the effect).

Even for those who resist the effect or are broken from it by physical violence cannot bear to look directly upon the Exalt, and suffer an external penalty to all actions directed at him equal to his (Charisma) unless the action in question was augmented by the channeling of a virtue.


Mind Searing Ruination Pattern (Wits 9, Essence 6): So terrible is the Dreadnaught’s visage that it has the power to drive men truly mad. Whenever a character takes an action which suffers the external penalty inflicted by Unknowable Countenance Mask, he must roll (Willpower + Integrity) against a difficulty of the Colossus’s (Essence), or lose a point of temporary Willpower. Characters who lose their last point of temporary Willpower in this way suffer terrifying delusions (Exalted, Page 289) as a Shaping effect until the effect is removed by some appropriate magic.

Unknowable Countenance Mask

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