Veriform Transfiguration Engine

Veriform Transfiguration Engine

Cost: 5m, 1wp [2m]; Mins: Wits 6, Essence 6; Type: Simple
Keywords: Colossus, Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Any Two Transfiguration Charms

This Charm is comprised of hundreds of tiny metal balls – each of them half moonsilver and half starmetal – placed at key locations throughout the Colossus’s body. When it is installed, the Alchemical attunes it to one of his uninstalled Transfiguration Charms for a number of motes equal to that Charm’s installation cost, and when it is activated that Charm unfolds from within these nodes as his current Transfiguration is folded up within, effectively allowing him to swap between these two forms at will.

In the event that this transformation leaves the Exalt with insufficient personal essence to pay the attunement costs of all of his installed Charms, a number of Charms of his choice become inactive (as if uninstalled) to make up the difference, obeying all prerequisite considerations. They remain inactive until such a time as he has personal essence available to commit to them. If this transformation causes the Alchemical to gain additional health levels, they are added in an undamaged state. If it causes him to lose health levels, remove undamaged levels before removing damaged levels.


Transfigurative Restoration System (Stamina 9): When the Colossus switches forms with this Charm, he may pay a surcharge of 1m per health level to heal some or all of his lost -0 health levels, as the transformation patches over the most superficial damage suffered by his machine-body. He continues to suffer any wound penalties he has based on the worst damage dealt to him, but enemies must cut their way through his restored -0 levels before they can push him any deeper.

Dynamic Recomposition Matrix (Dexterity 9): With this submodule, Veriform Transfiguration Engine may be activated as a reflexive action for a surcharge of two additional points of willpower.

Combinatorial Synergy Network (Charisma 6): An Alchemical with this submodule can forgo the attunement of one of his standard Transfiguration Charms when installing his Veriform Transfiguration Engine in favor of a hybrid configuration designed to integrate directly with other Colossi. Typically each Colossus with this Charm chooses to configure into a different part of the anatomy or war gear of their combined form – a head, an arm, a leg, and so on – but it can also be used to transform into a suitably large weapon, and as such as few as two Colossi with this submodule can combine their powers.

Exalts who combine using this submodule form a single body controlled by one designated character, using that Exalt’s characteristics supplemented with all the benefits of whichever Transfiguration Charm most closely corresponds body plan of the combine whole, along with its Essence 7 Upgrade submodule even if some or all of the component characters are only Essence 6. Each constituent character may activate Charms independently, and retains his place in the sequence of battle, with all Charms he activates benefiting the collective whole.

Veriform Transfiguration Engine

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