Vessel Chassis Framework

Vessel Chassis Framework

Cost: – [1m]; Mins: Intelligence 3, Essence 6; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Transfiguration
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

Measuring around the size of a cutter or frigate – between forty and sixty feet in length – and designed for use in the hostile environs of the poles of smoke and oil, the Vessel Chassis Framework creates a fully sealed and self-contained ship-like body that would find itself equally survivable on and beneath the seas of creation. With the use of a Plasma Thruster Assembly, it would also be well suited to the vastness of space or Creation’s open skies.

The Vessel Chassis Framework is an industrial marvel – large and tough with copious cargo space – but is not particularly fast without the aid of additional magic. Its primary liabilities are its huge size, which precludes its use in the vast majority of Autochthonian spaces, its inability to move outside a fluid medium, and (like other non-humanoid Chassis), its lack of hands for fine manipulation.

The Vessel Chassis Framework confers the following mechanical benefits and limitations:

  • The Colossus’s personal essence pool is expanded by (Willpower) motes
  • The Colossus gains a number of additional -0 health levels equal to his (Essence)
  • The Colossus’s Strength is increased by (Essence) for feats of strength and damage
  • The Colossus’s base movement speed is multiplied by his (Essence ÷ 2)
  • The Colossus’s natural soak is increased by (Essence x 2) against all damage types
  • The Colossus gains (Essence x 50) cubic yards of passenger and cargo capacity
  • The Colossus’s passenger space is fully enclosed and environmentally sealed
  • The Colossus has no arms or hands, and cannot perform actions that require them
  • The Colossus can move only through or on fluid mediums such as water or oil


Weapon Turret Systems (Dexterity 5): This Charm equips the Colossus with mounted weaponry – almost always ranged, except in the case of weapons intended for ramming – which sits in pivoting turrets or mounts attached to his body. The Exalt may mount up to two such weapons, though the Multiple Limbs mutation allows him to mount more, in addition to its other benefits. These turrets are obvious, but can be retracted and concealed using Technomorphic Integration Engine or similar magic.

Ark Chassis Upgrade (Essence 7): The most essential functions of the Vessel Chassis design are capacity and survival, and this submodule focuses on and enhances those qualities, implementing permanent upgrades which expand the Colossus from the size of a light interceptor to the size of a thickly armored ship of the line. This has the following mechanical effects:

  • Number of extra -0 health levels gained increases to (Essence + (Stamina x 5))
  • Bonus to all types of natural soak increases to (Essence x 5)
  • Internal storage and cargo capacity increases to (Essence x 500) cubic yards
  • Maximum turret count with Weapon Turret Systems increases by (Essence)

Vessel Chassis Framework

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