Virtue Recovery Stunts

This rule expands upon the standard rules for stunt rewards. Once per scene, when a player successfully performs a two- or three-die stunt which would clearly qualify for the use of a Virtue channel, but chooses not to channel that Virtue, he may recover a channel of that Virtue rather than recovering Willpower of motes.

Design Impact

When a player embraces his character’s Virtues to the extent that they shape even the practical activity of battle in a dramatic way, it seems only right to reward it. This change does that, at the cost of making spending a Virtue channel a little more common, and thus a little less singular and special.

When using a rule like Virtue Limited Perfect Defenses, which taxes characters’ Virtues more than the basic rules intend, this can be a good way to help make sure players don’t run dry on them. By setting them up for this kind of thing, the Storyteller can also help make sure they’ve got enough Virtue channels on hand to face a particular challenge.

Virtue Recovery Stunts

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