Void Traversal Engines

Void Traversal Engines

Cost: 20m, 3wp; Mins: Intelligence 11, Essence 7; Type: Simple (Long Tick)
Keywords: Colossus, Void
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Interspatial Gateway Generator

An array of vast essence capacitors surrounds the Dreadnaught’s Interspatial Gateway Generator, each of them with a strand of fate at its core, plucked from the Design of Autochthon and affixed at one end, with the other left flailing wildly and bleeding motes away into nothingness. When activated, this charm rips a hole in the fabric of reality and pulls the Colossus through into another realm of existence. The realm into which the Exalt and his passengers emerge is random (which is to say, determined at the whim of the story teller), as is the specific location within that realm, although either or both might be influenced by ritual preparations or special artifacts if the Apostate has access to information about his possible destinations. Most Dreadnaughts see their blind journey as a test of faith however, one which will inevitably deliver them to a world where they might find the Maker’s doom.

The Seal of Eight Divinities was never meant to contain those within the Maker’s world body, and as such this charm may be used to depart the realm of brass and shadow even if the Seal is intact. It may not be used to return however. This penetration does not break the seal but does damage it, and the resulting bleed of the Great Maker’s essence into the void around the point of departure invariably results in the creation of a blight zone.


World Glimpsing Lens (Perception 9, Essence 7): A dirt caked lens of smoky glass flickers with images of another world as the Alchemical’s Void Traversal Engines are activated, showing him views of the place he will go with increasing clarity. With this submodule, the Dreadnaught and his crew may roll (Perception + Investigation) during the charm’s activation to discern the nature of the realm to which he is about to travel. If he chooses, the Exalt may roll (Wits + Willpower) to abort the activation of the charm at any time prior to its completion.

Trans-Phase Reintegration Engine (Dissonance 10): Towering coils of blackened adamant, humming with rhythmless vibrations allow the true Apostate to force himself back through the scar left in the Seal by his own departure and into the fabric from whence he came. With this submodule, a Dreadnaught who has left Autochthonia can transition back into that realm, even if the Seal of Eight Divinities remains intact. He cannot stay however.

The cost of this charm must remain committed as long as the Exalt wishes to remain within Autochthon’s world body. Furthermore, after each day in the Maker’s realm, he must roll his (Essence), with the required commitment increasing by the number of successes rolled. If he cannot or will not commit this essence, he and everyone on board him snap instantly back to his realm of origin.

The use of this technique is equivalent to a Blasphemy effect within the Design of Autochthon, and is unmistakably felt by all creatures within (Essence x 200) miles of the point of return (which is always the original point of departure), and by the Divine Ministers regardless of where they are. While forced in to Autochthonia in this way, the Colossus’s interior spaces count as being within the realm from which the Dreadnaught traveled for all purposes, and exhibit strong characteristics of that realm equivalent to the effects of a correspondingly themed demesne.

Void Traversal Engines

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