Voyage of Discovery

Voyage of Discovery

Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Sail 3, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Touch, Training, Obvious
Duration: Varies
Prerequisite Charms: Serendipitous Voyage

Fate arranges a man’s journeys in life, but sometimes the journeys it conspires to create are more purposeful than others. Some secrets were not meant to be forgotten, and others are simply waiting to be discovered. Both may be found at the end of fate’s voyage, and as fate’s agents, it is often the Sidereal exalted who are charged with setting those whom fate would guide on the destined course.

With a touch and an effort of will, the vizier enshrouds another being in magic which tugs at the threads of the fate around him to bring him in contact with educational people and situations. These encounters guide the target – who must be a creature inside of fate and cannot be the Sidereal himself or any other Sidereal exalted – towards the beginning of a journey which will offer him the opportunity to learn a charm, spell, specialty, or other obscure trait for which he otherwise lacks a teacher. The journey takes a period of time equal to the training time normally required to learn the trait in question, and when the target completes his voyage, he learns the trait in question as a Training effect.

The voyage itself is always an unusual one, fraught with challenges and hazards, each of which subtly teaches the character some lesson he will need to know to understand the technique he is to learn. The strangeness of the journey is obvious, and the lesson being taught becomes easier to identify as the journey progresses until by the end of the journey the character knows precisely what he is about to learn. The target can walk away from this journey at any time by expending a single point of willpower to end the effects of this charm.

Design Commentary

A late addition to the list of charms here, suggested by my Storyteller, and conveniently perfect for the re-fluff of these as Sail charms about journeying to enlightenment. Unlike most Training charms, this one doesn’t save you time directly, but gives you access that might otherwise be tough to find. This is at least a little inspired by the way lost sorcery’s are supposed to crop up in nature and such under the Salinan working.

Voyage of Discovery

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