Watch-Maker's Gambit

Watch-Maker’s Gambit

Cost: 1m, 1wp Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Binding, Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Clockwork Reiteration

In the eyes of the Great Maker, all the world is a vast clockwork, each piece connecting to the next to form a great engine of cause and effect. With this charm, Autochthon attunes himself to the movements of that machine, watching for certain circumstances and acting automatically when they arise.

To activate this charm, a character must choose an item or entity to bind, and spend a full day in study and meditation upon it, learning its place in the cosmic machine. They then define a set of circumstances which must be satisfied to trigger this charm’s effects.

These conditions can be as complex as desired, but are limited by the perceptions of the anchor to which the charm is bound: binding to an entity enables conditions based on its senses, actions, and impressions, but binding an object would limit the effect to conditions based on the item’s own properties – condition, location, temperature, and the like – useless the item itself had sensory capabilities of some kind.

So long as the character maintains their commitment to this charm, they are constantly aware of whether the conditions set forth are currently satisfied, to the best of the anchor’s ability to perceive, but this knowledge is binary and they gain no additional information about the anchor’s circumstances, how the conditions were met, or which of the conditions are or are not met on an individual basis.

When this charm is activated, the character may also specify a series of up to (Essence / 2) actions which will be taken automatically at the moment the conditions are met, and again thereafter if the conditions lapse and are met again. The actions may include charm activations (except extra action charms), shaping or casting sorcery and similar effects, activating items, or any other action, so long as they aren’t measured in long ticks or a dramatic time frame.

The programmed actions will be performed by the character in reflexive magical flurry when the condition is met, unless the character reflexively ends their commitment to this charm. The actions are performed in order, and should the character have insufficient resources to pay for one of the actions, their available pool of the resource in question will be reduced to zero as the charm tries and fails to execute as planned, and the action will be skipped.

Actions taken as a result of this trigger are implicitly part of the character’s plan, and as such they may always be enhanced by the First Autochthon Excellency.

Watch-Maker's Gambit

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