Winding Ivy Style

Winding Ivy Style

In the distant East, the Immaculate master Kindly Haren teaches two ancient and powerful celestial martial arts, united by a single overriding philosophy. The more common of these is the Crane Style – rare and special in its own right, and referred to as the Balance of Forces in the master’s teachings – while its compliment is known as the Balance of Time, or the Winding Ivy Style.

Master Haren’s school is little known, and lightly attended. The arts he teaches and the philosophy he espouses are both far too passive to fit easily in with the culture of the Realm. But the Hunt appreciates the power of his students’ art, and his monastery-fortress has provided a stalwart sanctuary for many a chapter pursuing enemies in the eastern border marches.

Of master Haren’s students, nearly all learn the Crane style, but over his centuries of teaching he has imparted the secrets of the Winding Ivy style on a few from each generation. While kind hearted Cranes master principles of force and resistance so they may stand dauntless before all enemies, students of the Ivy learn the lesson that time and decay are forces more vital, inevitable and far reaching than any action or reaction.

Master Haren himself is chosen of Sextes Jylis, the dragon of wood, and the Winding Ivy style takes its name from the distinctive manifestations produced as it interacts with his verdant anima – whorls polin and tendrils translucent vine linking him to friend and foe alike – but the style itself is unaspected, and its power always reflects its user: entwining streamers of cloud and wind for an air aspected master, arcing flares of golden solar fire in the hands of the chosen of the Sun (should such a one somehow learn the style), and so on.

All of these are but window dressing however, on the same underlying principle – that for all living things, the passing of time is both life and death.

Weapons & Armor: Winding Ivy Style relies principally on the manipulation of essence itself, and is best used unarmed, but it may also be practiced with whips, chains, and other long flexible weapons, or their artifact equivalents. It is compatible with any armor that does not naturally inflict a mobility penalty.

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Winding Ivy Style

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